Each Mini Cooper car is unique not only in its history, but also in the approach that engineers and designers demonstrate when creating new models. Today Mini Cooper has 6 main models (One, Clubman, Countryman, Paceman, Roadster, Coupe), plus Cabrio modifications, as well as charged S and JCWs.

Mini Cooper car repair is a kind of high-tech game played by professionals all over the world. Mini Cooper workshop in Dubai specializes in complex repairs and maintenance of the British brand, thanks to its extensive experience in the auto business.

Mini Cooper garage Dubai carries out a full range of repair work and maintenance of the car: high-class specialists of professional skill will cope with Mini Cooper coolant repair and any other malfunctions and breakdowns, providing a guarantee for each item of work performed.

Suspension — Hydraulic Repair

The suspension of the car suffers more than other parts of the car. Therefore, Cooper suspension repairs are always relevant. The reason for contacting a Mini Cooper car service may be the appearance of backlash, extraneous noise, or breakdown of shock absorbers even after a short time of car operation.

When diagnosing, highly qualified masters inspect the car on a lift, and identify malfunctions. Extensive experience and specialized equipment allow Mini service & repair to diagnose breakdowns with great accuracy, and timely repair the suspension.

Engine Repair

In most cases, the engines of an English Mini car fail for two reasons — lack of oil and overheating. In this case, it is very easy not to keep track of the level of oil, because Mini engines are powerful enough, and at the same time, has low revs, which is a design feature. Therefore, the need in common repair with Mini Cooper might arise.

Also, the most common reasons include:

  • Low charge, or maybe full battery discharge.
  • Starter relay does not work.
  • Broken ignition switch.
  • Defective fuel pump.
  • Clogged fuel filter.

The person should not be afraid to trust the car to specialists. This service will carry out all the work on the Mini Cooper engine repair and will leave the customer satisfied with the result.

Body Repair — Dent & Paint

No matter how carefully the car is used, all kinds of chips and scratches appear on the body from which the gloss of the paintwork is lost. It usually requires repair. In the Mini Cooper repair Dubai center, a vehicle owner can not only remove them, but also make body repairs without painting, as well as local works on various body elements. In addition, he can contact the center and order a body repair after an accident, namely:

  • stacking of the car;
  • restoration of body geometry.


In a Mini Cooper maintenance in Dubai service, a client can order body repairs of any complexity, and most importantly, it will be performed by professionals.

Carrying out repair work on cars through the official service shocks many with the magnitude of the prices. Owners of this model of vehicles can save a lot without losing the quality of repairs — a car service in Dubai offers a decent level of service at prices significantly lower than official ones.


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