Maserati is an Italian manufacturer of comfortable sports and business class cars. For Maserati car owners, the service station provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services. An individual approach is practiced to each client, which allows us to solve the tasks qualitatively and quickly. Qualified car workers of Maserati maintenance Dubai have one basic rule: before diving into Maserati car repair, it is necessary to understand the reasons for its breakdown.

Our company for Maserati repair Dubai provides any service for the maintenance and repair of the brand car. Here you can find car repair in one place, including Maserati battery replacement, diagnostics, Maserati programming, body repair, Maserati suspension repair, engine repair, Maserati brakes replacement, as well as any other mending. Our service center is equipped with all the necessary equipment, as well as professional staff with experience in the work, repair, and maintenance of Maserati cars.

Air Conditioning Repair

The specialized service center offers car owners a wide array of services for the Maserati ac repair. Before starting the repair of the air conditioner, it is necessary to carry out vital diagnostics. First, the entire air conditioning system is inspected, cleaned of dust and dirt. Further, the condition of the pipeline, condenser, the evaporator is checked. Specialists in the technical center use high-precision equipment to carry out diagnostic work and detect problems.

Battery Service

The need to repair Maserati batteries usually arises from a violation of the rules for the maintenance and operation of batteries. Reasons when an urgent battery replacement may be needed:

  • Maserati will not start. You can hear the familiar clicks of the starter under the hood;
  • You have not turned off the side lights in the Maserati or left the interior lights on for a long time.


Moreover, if you are faced with the need for Maserati engine repair, then contacting our company will be an excellent choice. Not every workshop will be able to carry out high-quality and reliable Maserati gearbox repair. But we can guarantee our work quality. For repairs without subsequent returns under warranty, all consumables are replaced with new ones. Experienced specialists and professional equipment are also at your command. To prevent problems with the automatic transmission, as long as possible, it is recommended to get Maserati oil service promptly.

Cooling System Repair

The cooling system is expensive to maintain and mend, so it is very important to change the coolant promptly to keep the cooling system clean and tidy. During the Maserati coolant repair, the fan drive belts are checked, the radiator surface is cleaned, the control devices for adjusting the thermal regime and fluid temperature, and the freezing temperature of the coolant is checked.

The best Maserati workshop provides high-quality service for all models of Maserati cars, like Ghibli or Levante, plus Maserati computer diagnostic. Our service recommends car owners to regularly undergo service and inspection of Maserati to extend the service life and create conditions for safe driving.


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