There is no car enthusiast in the world who does not dream of driving a Lamborghini. The Italian company, specializing in the production of luxury sports cars is known all over the world. When choosing a reliable service Lamborghini, attention should be paid to large multi-service stations and dealerships that have the latest specialized equipment to work with these supercars.

Lamborghini’s diagnostics, repair or maintenance at our Lamborghini car service is carried out exclusively on the most innovative equipment using the latest technology, and high-quality materials. The Lamborghini car repair and maintenance, accurate diagnostics and an immense selection of auto parts at our Lamborghini garage Dubai will allow you to put your car in order quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.

We provide an enormous range of works, starting with Lamborghini gearbox repair and ending with oil change. Moreover, the price of various works, such as oil change for Lamborghini price, might surprise you.

Suspension Repair

The suspension is one of the most vulnerable parts. At the first signs of its breakdown or wear, it is recommended to immediately contact the center for Lamborghini suspension repair, where the specialists will replace the failed parts, and, if necessary, complete the repair of the chassis.

Our Lamborghini service center Dubai employs specialists with extensive experience using modern equipment. All this makes it possible to diagnose a malfunction and repair the suspension of such popular models as the Lamborghini Huracán and Lamborghini Aventador, with high quality and as soon as possible.

Engine Repair

Inevitably, the time comes when the car begins to upset the owner with increased noise, a sharp increase in oil consumption, characteristic blue exhaust smoke, unstable operation and poor start-up, and the need for Lamborghini engine repair arises. At our workshop we can help with:

  • elimination of minor faults,
  • replacement of parts subject to natural wear and tear,
  • cleaning and lubricating units requiring such maintenance,
  • adjustment of units demanding adjustment,
  • preventive work aimed at preventing unexpected malfunctions.


Brake Repair & Services

The braking system plays a special role in vehicle safety. Almost any car is equipped with independent braking systems. Sometimes the need for Lamborghini brakes replacement might come up. It’s better to do it at our Lamborghini repair Dubai center.

At our specialized station, we provide diagnostic works for the Lamborghini brake system, as well as offer repair and replacement of individual elements. Repair of brakes is carried out by qualified specialists using new equipment from manufacturers.

Our best Lamborghini workshop in Dubai will carry out maintenance and staggering repair work using only recommended original spare parts, which will save the manufacturer’s warranty and allow the car to work for many years. The masters will undertake repairs of any complexity, and will carry out it efficiently and in the shortest possible time.


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