The Fisker Karma is a luxury sports sedan with a hybrid electric petrol drive from the American manufacturer, whose assembly is located in Finland. The supercar was released for sale on the global market in limited quantities. He has received many awards and titles. Available in 3 versions — EcoStandard, EcoSport and EcoChic. The difference between the model versions is in the interior trim, Fisker Karma programming, the elements’ presence  in the entertainment system.

Our technical center is engaged in the European, English cars’ maintenance. The main car service direction is metalwork, body repair, engines overhaul plus automatic transmissions. The car services list includes Fisker Karma breaks replacement, including oil change, computer engine diagnostics plus electronic systems, repair, muffler replacement, Fisker Karma suspension repair, other services.

Why Our Service is the Best

  • The best recommendations in the city (4.8).
  • Free technical inspection, calculation of the required work.
  • Chargeless computer diagnostics if necessary.
  • All cars after repair are disinfected free of charge.
  • There is a loader service.
  • Help with RTA Dubai services.
  • We specialize in programming and software updates.
  • Fisker Karma battery replacement.
  • High quality oil change.


Oil Change

Should you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations? For modern Fisker Karma engines, with an improvement in the oils’ quality, it is recommended to replace it after 10 thousand kilometers. This value is determined by the manufacturer under normal operating conditions. The worse the conditions, the earlier you need to change oils. What is considered difficult conditions? These include: frosts, frequent temperature changes, humid climate, high air dustiness. Frequent motor overloading also does not contribute to the performance preservation. If the driving conditions are defined as severe, it is recommended to reduce the mileage before replacement by 25-30 percent.

Any Fisker Karma car, even a recently acquired one, breaks down, the eternal question arises for the driver — where is it better to repair the car. We serve both personal vehicles, and corporate vehicle fleets. For regular customers, including those who have entered into a free computer diagnostics, there is a discounts’ system.

You can entrust your car to our Fisker Karma car service, it has extensive experience in specialization. The car service has modern equipment. We use original spare parts recommended by the manufacturer. The Fisker Karma repair center has a spare parts store, all required for repairs can be bought there or ordered from trusted suppliers.


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