The Ferrari brand has long been a legend in the automotive industry. Since «stuffing» of these vehicles, particularly engine, electrics, and suspension arrangement, is complex, Ferrari works should be entrusted to special companies.

Our car service is equipped with modern high-quality equipment and sufficient space for efficient work and Ferrari programming in Dubai. Thanks to modern equipment and competent specialists, the Ferrari garage Dubai will cope with diagnostics and furbishing up of Italian brand cars. There are a lot of common problems that can occur when driving a car. Our workshop can deal with them all. For instance, we can guarantee you a high-quality Ferrari oil leakage repair, brakes repair, engine maintenance, Ferrari gearbox repair, etc.

Suspension Repair

Today all Ferrari restoration technologies have been brought to Dubai and there is no need to evacuate the car abroad. We recommend that you approach Ferrari mending competently: you can get Ferrari suspension repair, saving on redundant works. Thus, you will reduce the cost of work and be sure that everything is done worthily.

The chassis in the car suspension is a structural part of the car, which consists of a frame, front and rear suspension, shock absorbers, wheels, and tires. Ferrari diagnostic of suspension is an important element of the safety of vehicle operation and road traffic in general. When diagnosing the suspension, specialists can identify any malfunctions that must be immediately eliminated by the prompt intervention of mechanics and specialists.

Engine Repair

The engine is the part of the car, on the reliability of which its operation and traffic safety depend. Experts attribute it to one of the expensive mechanisms, the mending of which must be treated with all responsibility and attention. Specialists, approaching Ferrari engine repair, use appropriate high-quality equipment, including innovative computer diagnostics of the engine.

Works related to the Ferrari car repair engine include such types, as various stages of the repair of a diesel engine, an injector, a turbine and fuel system, replacement of timing belts, radiators, and other types of maintenance. As for the engine overhaul, it consists of the following operations: diagnostics, removal, disassembly, and troubleshooting.

Fuel System Repair

The fuel system is one of the most significant in the vehicle. The main task of the car’s fuel system is to supply fuel from the tank to the internal combustion engine. For the full and proper functioning of all components, it is imperative to carry out timely professional diagnostics and Ferrari repair Dubai of the fuel system.

The Ferrari specialist in Dubai carries out complex computer and mechanical diagnostics of the fuel system, its components, and assemblies. After the performed diagnostics, our specialists provide a report on the state of the system and also advise on how to eliminate the identified malfunctions.


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