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Transmission Repair – Overhaul


The gearbox is the maximally complex component of the car, which is designed to change speed mode, ensure reliability of the entire vehicle. A diagnosis, checkpoint repair must be carried out in specialized service stations by qualified technicians.

The system’s parts unremarkably don’t require frequent intervention, but must be monitored at service. Irrespective of the fact the transmission units, parts of large indefinite quantity in each modern car are abundantly reliable plus durable, they require vehicle Transmission Repair. We repair the transmission of European cars, plus even English ones. Services can seem helpful starting with car Transmission Repair ending with registration plus different RTA Dubai services assistance.

Our philosophy

We believe maintaining a competitive servicing, parts pricing is our important mission. The company is proud of the quality, repair work speed. Our clients are the main priority, we strive to create a trusting relationship, convenient facilities. Clients understand what they pay for, they receive a report on the work performed.


People choose company — we reputed to be the best in business. See for yourself:

  • We select spare parts based on the client’s budget.
  • Consultants will inquire clients on work performed.
  • Google reviews recommendations 4.8.
  • Free technical inspection, work calculation.
  • Free computer diagnostics (software programming — main area).
  • Disinfection under COVID-19 conditions.
  • We offer loader services.

If the client experiences difficult gear shifting, hears extraneous sounds or the car starts up with jerks, it’s time to contact our car service in order to get autoTransmission Repair.

Transmission repair

Transmission is a mechanism transfers rotation from the engine to wheels. We provide transmission repair for a lot of items:

  • Clutch, torque converter.
  • Transmission.
  • Main gear, reducer, differential.
  • Half shafts.
  • Transfer case.

The service center offers frequent customers a qualitative manual transmissions repair, as well as restoration of the automatic plus robotic gearboxes functioning, it provides for a whole range of measures for the removal, analysis, determination of defects. Proper care, timely repairs helps the gearbox to last up to 300 thousand kilometers. It’s necessary to change the fluid in the transmission each 40 thousand kilometers, monitor the integrity, box tightness, warm up the gearbox within frosty weather before active use for a few minutes.

Routine performance diagnostics, timely maintenance plus gearbox repair are the main factors. It guarantees trouble-free transmission operation throughout all phases of the entire vehicle reparation period. Choosing our service, clients give precedence quality. The main difference amid different car services — video plus photo work report. Qualified craftsmen are our biggest pride. Even newbies to the driving world will understand how the car works.

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