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Engine Repair – Overhaul


Save the Heart of a Car

The engine is the most important piece in a puzzle of a car. However, it is the least reliable and durable element. When going through engine repair, attention is paid to every system, but it does not change the fact that the internal combustion engine is the first to fail. The reason for this is work at high loads and temperatures, as well as chemical and mechanical stress.

Connecting rod and main plain bearings, crankshaft, valves, piston rings, cylinders, and pistons are most susceptible to wear. What’s more, the service life of the engine directly depends on the resource of these parts. If they wear out, and the valves do not fit tightly to the seats, it becomes necessary to carry out a car overhaul.

If a vehicle owner does not want to see his car as a visual aid to a complex vehicle engine repair, he should not skimp on preventive measures and vehicle overhaul. Timely maintenance, including replacement of fuel, air and oil filters, greatly increases engine life. Then comes the best part: upon completion of any repair of the company, we carry out control diagnostics and provide guarantees of the quality of our services.

What is Engine Overhaul

This is the repair and replacement of all parts in the motor that are subject to wear and tear or their restoration. Some car enthusiasts believe that auto overhaul is a waste of money. However, it is significant to carry out this work. The repair is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • To begin with, the engine is diagnosed.
  • The problem with the motor is determined.
  • The motor is completely disassembled and all parts are measured, a list of necessary parts is created.
  • Additional peripheral devices such as alternator, starter motor, air conditioning compressor should be checked if necessary.

Only when we have completed all these works for auto engine repair, can we say that the engine overhaul is complete. If only some points are fulfilled, you will soon have to return to the service again and finish the missed work. Therefore, it’s better to go through the entire diagnostics.

Red Flags of Problems

In many cases, car engine repair can be avoided if you timely call the technical station for check up. It is required in situations where it is not possible to do partial repairs. Masters recommend not to delay the work. Otherwise, the consequences may be too unpredictable.

Sometimes vehicle owners come about red flags of problems. Among the signs that indicate the need for repair work:

  • The decrease in power indicators.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Increased oil consumption.

Contacting a service station in time is a smart step.

After detecting problems, a client should go for engine overhaul. The price depends on many factors. It will be possible to determine the exact cost only after carrying out diagnostic work.

After all, correct overhaul of the engine allows a car owner to eliminate the causes of breakdown and make a complete restoration. The safety of driving and durability of cars is guaranteed after the work performed by our craftsmen.

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