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Car Services: How to Keep the Car Safe and Sound

Every vehicle needs careful auto maintenance that will help to re-energize it. Professional car services can help with this. The vehicle maintenance center specializes in servicing different cars. At the same time, we guarantee high-quality service change oil, the solution of problems, car motor service, as well as an attentive and polite attitude.

And now comes the best part: our vehicle service adheres to all technological requirements and works per the standards of world manufacturers. When going through car maintenance for a striking range of car’s models, we use modern diagnostic equipment and a specialized tool. This is a guarantee of quality vehicle service and reliable operation of transport.

Why Choose Us

Our customers tend to come back to us for an innovative attitude towards repair and service. Our company offers optimal conditions for cooperation with clients:

  • All types of auto preventative maintenance are carried out by professionals with extensive work experience.
  • Warranty for a car oil change.
  • We use only original components, which is a perfect guarantee for service car and other types of vehicles.

For the car to realize its potential by all 120%, it is worth improving it — it never hurts to go through vehicle preventative maintenance.

Types of services

The key requirements for our auto service are the level of equipment of the workshop and the manufacturability of the car service process. The most important — and most valuable part of our work — is trust. Along with the auto maintenance service, car safety of vehicle owners is in good hands. Therefore, every client can meet his needs here because we provide different types of services.

Minor service

  • Engine flush.
  • Engine oil.
  • Oil filter.
  • Air filter cleaning.
  • Ac filter cleaning.
  • Coolant top-up.
  • Brake fluid top-up.
  • Power steering top-up.
  • Full check-up.
  • Computer diagnostic.
  • Service rest.

Major service

  • Engine flush.
  • Engine oil.
  • Oil filter.
  • Ac filter replacement.
  • Air filter replacement.
  • Coolant replacement.
  • Brake fluid replacement.
  • Power steering replacement.
  • Spark plugs replacement.
  • Injectors testing and cleaning.
  • Tires pressure filled if required.
  • Computer diagnostic.
  • Service rest.
  • Full car inspection.

Service Car Tires Maintenance

Specialists at the euro cars service are ready to carry out the whole range of works. The current condition of the tires will be assessed by specialists at the auto VIP service and problems will be prevented. 

Change of Oil

Over time, the oil becomes unusable: impurities appear in it, as a result of which auto service German cars, or even car repair service European models are required.

What’s more, oil is an essential part for the smooth car run. Even more importantly, to extend the working life of parts and mechanisms, it is recommended to undergo maintenance at auto service, even if it is not prescribed by the manufacturer. 


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