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Body repair – Dent & Paint


None of the motorists is insured against the fact the vehicle body will avoid various damage kinds associated with driving within city and different roads. Troubles can be associated with a wide damage variety: from small dents, chestnuts fall on roof of a car, to collisions with different cars, obstacles. Auto body repair — important task.

Corrosion plus rust — the main car body enemies, which damage the vehicle if paintwork is damaged, even with maximally careful operation in the future. The timely applied high-quality paint, varnish coating helps to reliably protect the car from corrosion, it helps preserve the car appearance for years.

Car paint — an important repair element. Clients can get a high-quality service, and we will select each spare parts based on his wishes (original spare parts, analogue, used spare parts). The certified consultants will inform about the work process, provide assistance with the purchase, sale, registration, different RTA Dubai services. We are specialists in the computer diagnostics field, vehicle paint will no longer be a problem.

Primary Approach

We use a simple company plus clients’ success recipe. They know their payments’ purpose, what priority work on their car needs to be performed in the future. The main task — maintain services price, maintain high-quality plus dent auto fast work. The main thing — build a trusting clients’ relationship.

Choosing Us, the Client will Choose:

  • Good recommendations. Google reviews 4.8.
  • Free technical inspection plus required work calculation.
  • Free computer diagnostics.
  • Disinfection in COVID-19 pandemic terms.
  • Quality loader services

When Car Body Repair Plus Painting Maximally Needed

Often, the need arises as a result of the metal contact with the environment. To remove rust, the foreman needs to clean area to bare metal, treat it with a rust converter. It creates a protective layer. It prevents rust spread plus provides better adhesion to the primer, auto paint coat applied to it. The car appearance holds not the last place. It’s nice to own a car that looks good. Owners often resort to such a solution as local, complete car body painting. This work is performed when straightening the body after an accident.

Car Painting Cost Determination

The price follows various factors:

  • Area plus paint elements number. The local car painting price will be higher, up to point it is important to create a smooth transition from the new enamel to the old factory one.
  • Defects presence / absence. They stand for rust, holes, dents. If available, welding is performed.

In service, full, partial car painting is possible at a low price. We select clients’ paint, the tone of which doesn’t differ from the factory one.

Company will give services discounts, subject to free diagnostics. We will provide car paint pro, painting different car brands: European plus English, paint lamborghini. Skilled craftsmen — take pride in knowledge and are happy to share it with vehicle owners.

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