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Air Conditioning Repair


Today, there are numerous air-conditioned cars on road. Now a car equipped with air conditioning is not a luxury, but a necessity. Air conditioning in a car not only increases the comfort level for the vehicle owner, passengers, but maintains well-being, concentration while driving, which in turn increases driving safety. Refueling, diagnostics, vehicle air conditioning repair is a very popular service, where our service station does an excellent job.

In order for the car air conditioner to please with coolness in the heat, it must be serviced in a timely manner. During air conditioner operation, its operation efficiency decreases for numerous reasons: due to radiators clogging, as well as the evaporator, natural refrigerant leakage through the rubber of the connecting hoses, seals, and working substance moistening.

Our specialists will determine electrical elements’ health, check various systems for leaks, fill in oil plus refrigerant, clean the condenser, if necessary, replace defective parts, assemblies.

Thanks to the experience gained, we formed a highly qualified plus responsible professional specialists team. The company has high-precision, specialized equipment at its disposal. Our extensive experience in service sector, professionalism plus low prices — this is why you should better contact us. Service consultants inform about the work performed essence, they will select spare parts based on client’s budget.

Our Philosophy

The success recipe is simple. The first ingredient — client distinguishes the priority vehicle work. Consultants will tell customers about the work plus car devices. The second ingredient — competitive service price. The third ingredient — high quality work, quick car air conditioning repair. The fourth element — good relationship with clients.

Company at a Glance

  • Provide reports on the repair process through video and photographic materials.
  • European, British car brands repair.
  • High Google reviews 4.8
  • Free technical inspection plus demanded work planning.
  • Free computer diagnostics.
  • Car interior disinfection.
  • Loader services.

The auto-air conditioning system makes it possible to maintain optimal microclimate in car cabin, not only cooling, but cleansing the air from moisture, various unpleasant odors plus aromas. For a modern car, this element is the main heating, ventilation system component. Before car ac repair dubai, we will check the operability plus main components. The procedure for diagnosing a vehicle air conditioner — important.

The main element with which trouble often happens — air conditioner compressor. This node is under heavy load. Our workshops are equipped with necessary tools to do qualified auto air conditioning repair by professional specialists.

We help with different questions types. The vehicle owner can contact us for help with registration, different services RTA Dubai, for computer diagnostics plus software updates purpose — our specialty. If client goes into diagnostics, he can get services’ discount.

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