German quality has always attracted vehicle owners. Audi cars are produced as part of the Volkswagen concern under a separate brand name. It doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a new car or a used one, you will need Audi service all the same. Contact us at Audi service & repair in Dubai for a broad array of works: from Audi gearbox repair, oil change, Audi brakes replacement, fuel system mending, to Audi 2.5 tdi timing belt change.

The modern Audi Dubai service offers maintenance for Audi cars according to manufacturer’s standards. We have extensive experience in the diagnosis and repair of such cars. For our clients we offer:

  • service Audi A3,
  • service Audi A1,
  • service Audi Q3,
  • service Audi A3 8p,
  • service Audi TT,
  • Audi e tron service,
  • Audi A6 c5 service.


The Audi technical center is provided with the most innovative equipment — it allows qualified specialists to carry out repairs of Audi cars at a high level. We can offer various types of car repair Dubai for different models: A1 Sportback, A3 Avant, A5 Cabriolet, S5 Sportback, TT Roadster, etc.

Suspension — Hydraulic Repair

The suspension of Audi is affected by many adverse factors. The most destructive impact is exerted by shock loads from road irregularities, curbs, and other obstacles; the action of moisture, dirt, sand. Unfavorable operating conditions of the suspension lead to the failure of even sufficiently reliable parts. In such conditions, the Audi chassis wears out rather quickly and requires qualified restoration and Audi suspension repair.

Audi service center in Dubai specialists professionally perform repair of Audi suspension. Such measures, carried out together with diagnostics at an early stage of breakdowns, allow avoiding more serious accidents. Although the owners note that the models of the brand are equipped with a fairly strong suspension, it also requires maintenance carried out in due time at the best Dubai repair workshop.

Audi Engine Repair

When it comes to repairing a car engine, the Audi owner faces the system’s instability, loss of power, and other factors. It is not at all a fact that engine repair depends on the mileage of the car. The main indications of unstable engine operation include increased noise, reduced power, altered fuel consumption. In the course of a professionally carried out Audi repair Dubai, the engine is brought into the state of a new unit.

The key to the long-term operation of the Audi engine and gearbox is regular maintenance and timely repairs. At our station, you can get Audi Q5 s tronic oil change with our specialists using only genuine products. Moreover, we can present our customers:

  • Audi A6 c7 s tronic oil change,
  • Audi A6 c6 tiptronic oil change,
  • 0 tfsi oil change.


Do not forget about regular maintenance at our Audi car repair in Dubai station, and your Audi engine will run much better and longer. Contact Audi repair workshop in case of even the slightest suspicion of a malfunction of the Audi engine or gearbox.

A wide range of services offered by our Audi specialist Dubai center is an astonishing opportunity to quickly and efficiently not only repair your car but also to prevent possible malfunctions in advance.


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